14 times food related madness from Murica!

Don’t eat it, just don’t.

You probably know a few of them, but still, a lot of strange food can be eaten in America. For your pleasure we present you 14 times food related madness from Murica!

1: Pizza cake

No comment, but really, no comment.600x315-1410367570

2: cheese in a bottle

I’m a little bit surprised Kraft can call it cheese.31631382_9e891588cf_o

3: Bacon flavored salt

We love bacon, we love salt, but bacon flavored salt is just to much.enhanced-2768-1458622816-4

4: Coffee coconut water

Water with a flavor is only good when it’s wine. This just isn’t it.enhanced-8566-1458603404-10

5: Deep Fried Butter

I think it can’t get any more Murica than this.enhanced-8891-1458615384-1

6: Cheese burger flavored soup

Really? But very easy to open with easy peel opening!

7: Glazed Donut Bacon Cheese Burgers

My heart just called, it want’s to go on holiday


8: Triple Decker Cheeseburger

So I heard you like Cheeseburgers? So we put a cheeseburger in your cheeseburger after we’ve put a cheeseburger in it.


9: French Fries Holder

Redneck solutions for redneck people


10: Damn

Only in America


11: Bacon Donut

Can be good though!


12: Pickled Pig Feet

What is this… I don’t even…


13: Kraft Singles

Another fine cheese product of Kraft (and it’s actually forbidden to call it cheese).

14: Triple Treat Box

When one pizza is just not enough.


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