14 places that will make your stomach turn upside down

You don’t want to be here

We like to go out, but love to be able to tell about it the next evening. Still a lot of people like to live a little bit more on the edge than we are comfortable with. Therefor we present you 14 places that will make you stomach turning.

1: Via Ferrate in Canada.

The Via Ferrate path in Canada connects the most insane peaks and ridges together with small wooden expansions bridges.

2: Jumping around at the Trolltunga

The Trolltunga is a rock formation hanging above the Ringedalsvannet at a height of 350 meters.

3: Tree camping in Germany

In the south of Germany it’s possible to take a nap in a hanging tent high up in a tree. Very romantic, untill you need to go in the middle of the night…

4: Chilling in a spider web

These guys built their own spider web. But that’s not the issue. The issue is that this web is hanging 120 meters above the ground. They use it to base jump directly from a hole in the middle of the web.


5: Sky walk in Toronto

The Sky Walk in Toronto is officially the highest place in the world to walk along a building. No further explanation needed.

Sky Walk in Toronto

6: Hanging on a cliff in South Africa

John Roberts loves living on the edge, literally. We love to look at pictures where John Roberts is living on the edge.

7: Tree climbing

Chris Sharma climbs trees, very high trees. The Red Woods he is climbing can reach heights up to 114 meters.

8: Diving at the Azores

Each year, at the cliffs of SanMiquel, a diving contest is being held. Not for the weak at heart, since the diving platform is 30 meters above the sea.

9: Mountain Biking along the Cliffs of Moher

Why? Really, why would anyone want to bike along this insane steep cliffs in Ireland. One error and you will fal into a 120 meters deep abyss.mountainbikingcliffsofmoher

10: Ropemanship on a higline

Andy Lewis loves to spend is free time on a 328 foot long highline above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.koorddansen

11: Kayaking on the Victoria Falls

Adventurers Steve Fisher, 37, Dale Jardine, 33, both from South Africa, and Sam Drevo, 33, from the U.S., paddled up to the lip of the mile-wide Victoria Falls – the largest waterfall in the world.

12: El Camino del Rey

Even though the El Camino del Rey footpath in the south of Spain has been partly restored, its still one of the most terrifying walkways in the world.elcaminodelrey

13: Monocyling in Norway

Extreme artist Eskil Rønningsbakken loves to take his monocyle to higher grounds. We think he is insane.eenwieler

14: Vertical Camping

So you think camping is dull? Why not try vertical camping in yosemite national park?campingyosemite

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